Monday, July 14, 2014

Takeaways from German victory

The expected has happened. Germany has beaten Argentina (1 - 0). The solitary goal was scored by Mario Gotze. The irony is that he was a substitute for a substitute. It is easy to draw a few lessons from this event.

Systematic team-work prevails over isolated individual excellence. Messi does not make a team. Camaraderie and goal-oriented (a welcome pun as it were) cohesiveness constitute a team. The German captain, Phillip Lahm said as much after the match.

Making a player 'indispensable' is an easy way to defeat. When Neymar became hors de combat, Brazil was spun into chaos and Germany defeated them by a scandalous 7 - 1 score. Similarly, Argentina paid the penalty for exaggerating the importance of Lionel Messi.

Let us not underestimate anyone. Who would have imagined that German victory would come through a deft placement by Mario Gotze who was out of the reckoning for original eleven. Underdogs are not necessarily underperformers.

When the time for a possible penalty shootout was nearing, Argentina players perhaps started easing their focus on extra time and started planning for shootout. They were not 'living in the present' which the Germans did. Never let your guard down. If you lose the present, where is the future?

Though it is easy now to gloat over German excellence, let us not forget that luck also plays a role. Especially when teams are evenly matched, what else is needed apart from luck?

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