Saturday, July 26, 2014

Carnage in Gaza

It is very unfortunate that hundreds of civilians are getting killed in Gaza even as the world looks on in stupor. All steps should be taken to stop the fatalities forthwith.

It is also worth analysing who is responsible for the massacre. The current episode was sparked by the murder of three Israeli youth. Though it is not firmly established if this was the handiwork of Hamas, Israel strongly suspects their hand. It is surprising that the entire world barring the U.S. is blaming Israel for the continuing strife.

Fatah, another group of Palestinians, does not support Hamas. There is no strong popular revolt against Hamas only because it is a violent group that exerts unbearable pressure on the populace to fall in line. Hamas has stockpiled armaments in places of worship and education.

It is a real test for human intelligence to arrive at a permanent solution to this apparently intractable problem. Intransigent Israelis and petulant Palestinians are not contributing to a lasting solution through their prejudiced positions.

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