Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gopal Subramanium

The Supreme Court collegium recommended the names of four persons for appointment as judges. The government accepted three names and expressed misgivings about Gopal Subramanium. The government has the right to request the collegium to reconsider.

The moot question however is whether the government's action is sincere or motivated by extraneous considerations. There has also been leakage (mostly deliberate) of adverse information apparently furnished by CBI / IB to government on Gopal Subramanium's handling of 2G cases.

Without credible information, we cannot conclude whether anyone has played dirty in the whole process. Gopal Subramanium could have waited for Supreme Court collegium's response to government's misgivings before giving vent to his feelings very volubly. He has withdrawn his consent to be a judge a little too prematurely. BJP is proving to be no different from Congress.

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