Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why did Congress lose?

It is now clear who is responsible for the Congress debacle. It is not Sonia or Rahul . The Royalty can do no wrong.

It is not Modi. After all, he was a chai-wallah and therefore not fit to become prime minister which post is reserved for the Gandhis and those obsequious to the Gandhis.

It is not the voters. Has not the Congress taken care of them through scam after scam?

Dentsu India, an outfit of a Japanese ad agency is the culprit. The Congress has squarely blamed them for not communicating the "achievements of the Congress" to the people. If the achievement had been communicated, the party would have romped home because Indians as inventors of 'zero' are always attracted by zero.

The party paid Rs.600 crore to the agency. Is it Rs.100 crore for ad services, Rs.200 crore for owning responsibility for the rout of Congress and Rs.300 crore to be paid back to the family?

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