Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rahul Gandhi's leadership quality

Rahul Gandhi stayed away from Manmohan Singh's farewell party. The reason given by the party initially was that its vice president was tired after his "hectic campaign" during the election. When it came to be known that the tired leader had gone abroad, it was clarified that he had thanked and taken permission from the prime minister!

Rahul Gandhi is known to visit a south American country frequently. These visits are shrouded in mystery. Why should the plebeians know where the patrician has gone? Would he deign to be in the country when the election results are announced tomorrow? If he stays back in his foreign sojourn, the Congress party would sing paeans in praise of his sacrifice. If he is back, his "sense of responsibility" will receive due attention from the slavish party.

He is unlikely to lose his Lok Sabha seat though he had preferred to abstain from parliamentary discussions during his 'decade-long' membership. Yet another illustration of supreme sacrifice from an incomparable leader!

During his 'effective' campaign, he had warned the nation that 22,000 persons would be killed if Modi becomes prime minister. A remarkable prediction that only a leader of transcendental quality can come up with!

Rahulji, the country needs you. Please come back immediately.

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