Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who is responsible for Congress' decay?

Anirban Choudhury stated the obvious when he said, "This election season has been dirty: from name-calling to hate speeches, we have heard it all. But the one statement that takes the cake is a gem by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra where she says that the 'Congress will fight back against all those who have maligned the Gandhi family'."

Equating a family to a political party is turning democracy on its head. This results from a feeling of special entitlement which contradicts all canons of democratic decency. Priyanka GV's warning is a response to allegations against Robert Vadra. Feelings of grandeur which are manifest in expressions of family pride arise from pathological alienation from reality and remnants of nostalgia for grand old days.

We need not blame the Gandhi family exclusively for what is wrong with Congress. Why do the non-Gandhi leaders acquiesce in sycophantic worship of the Gandhis? Whether it is a case of hijack of a party by a family or an abject surrender by spineless leaders, the result is unspeakable tragedy for the party.

P.S. Addressing a rally in Rae Bareilly on 27th April, Priyanka GV said, " "It is your duty to protect the country and the 'dharma' of my family". So it is our duty to ensure that the Gandhi family continues to rule India!

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