Saturday, April 12, 2014

"There is no Modi wave"

In the face of contradictory views aired every day, I decided to see for myself whether Modi wave is a reality or just an invention of confused minds. I spent an hour at the Marina in broad daylight yesterday. I can now declare with utmost authenticity that there is no Modi wave.

I have sent an email to Soniaji conveying my incontrovertible finding. I copied the mail to Manmohanji. I need not have sent the cc to prime minister. As Sanjaya Baru has not said in his book "Accidental Prime Minister: Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh", the prime minister is not authorised to read any communication that is addressed to him before it is seen and acted upon by Soniaji. There is a fool-proof arrangement in place by which any communication to MMS, whether email or snailmail, is automatically routed to Sonia Gandhi. If it is unimportant enough to be independently dealt with by the prime minister, Soniaji reroutes it to MMS. If the matter is important, the Congress President writes her orders in a coded language intelligible to only the prime minister and forwards it to him. The moment MMS takes appropriate action, the ink in which the coded instruction is written disappears automatically. The ink has an additional quality. Till the appropriate action is taken by him, Manmohanji will not be able to sleep. If MMS takes a contrary decision, he will suffer from unbearable pain. Being intelligent, Manmohanji has not experimented on this even once.

Soniaji and Rahulji have unnecessarily, and perhaps because of their nobility, elevated Narendra Modi to the position of a magician. I have assured the Family that they need not worry. Modi does not even know the magic of making an inconvenient file disappear at his will. What magician is he?

India's National Newspaper publishes two opinion pieces everyday demolishing the false theory of Modi wave and Modi magic and assuring the nation that there is no reason for the corrupt to be anxious about their future as it is impossible for the Modi menace to last long.

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