Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunanda Pushkar

What happened to MH 370 continues to be a mystery because there are as yet no reliable clues. In contrast, what happened to Sunanda Pushkar is allowed to remain a mystery despite the presence of tangible, actionable clues. When a murder is suspected, the police has to investigate. When the police does not have a free hand, in all fairness and to protect justice, the judiciary has to intervene suo moto.

Sanjaya Baru has explained in his book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' how the prime minister is totally led by Sonia Gandhi. Therefore he is powerless to remove Shashi Tharoor from his ministry even if he suspects the worst.

A law-abiding country has to ensure that in cases where the victim is dead and the victim's close relatives are silenced because the suspect is powerful, justice is not forsaken by the indifference of judiciary.

The following report appeared recently in Times of India. It is not surprising that many newspapers did not take the risk of offending the powerful by giving justified coverage.

"THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Writer Madhu Kishwar who was in Thiruvananthapuram to launch her book 'Modi Media and Muslims' said she wasn't surprised that the Congress had offered a ticket to Shahsi Tharoor given that the party was able to do a good job in hushing up the investigation pertaining to the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar. 

Kishwar said that she wouldn't call Sunanda Pushkar a friend, but Tharoor's wife was very good friends with Kishwar's good friends and she often confided in them. "I knew Sunanda Pushkar was unhappy in her marriage and there is little doubt in my mind that she was murdered. Everyone who knows Tharoor, knows that he is a womanizer. Shashi Tharoor was abusing her, she confided in my friend. Their marriage was an absolute mess. They were fighting in public all the time," said the author-activist at the launch of her book at Rangavilasom Palace, Thiruvananthapuram. 

Kishwar said she doesn't like to waste mind-space for gossip, "but I remembered that Sunanda complained about how her husband was living off her. Sunanda said that her husband was making her pay for everything. She said, "When I married this UN diplomat I thought that he would have enough money to at least take care of himself but he even made me pay for his wedding Sherwani. Which man does that?" Sunanda Pushkar has enough friends in the media, why isn't anyone standing up for her. The media has buried her story with the help of Congress. The snoopgate against Modi on the other hand is still an election issue," Kishwar said. "

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