Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unlawful Law Minister

Being a grand-son of a former President and son of a former respected minister does not automatically make a present minister noble or truthful. This has been proved by our Minister for Law and Justice, Salman Khurshid. A suave and articulate person may yet be a criminal. (A person who violates the law and indulges in the criminal act of forgery and usurpation of public money is by definition a criminal.)

Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust run by Salman Khurshid and his wife, Louise have illegally claimed money from the central government on many occasions without helping the disabled for which the trust was established. Look at the arrogance and lack of decency and propriety of the "Honourable" minister who says, 1)"My wife will reply to the charges" as if he is not accountable and 2) "Arvind Kejriwal deserves no reply. We will deal with him in future" (What? Are you going to finish him off? Aren't you ashamed, Mr.Minister to talk like like this?) The ignoble minister also says, "Before talking about transparency, let Arvind Kejriwal be transparent. Living in glass house, let him not throw stones at others. Let him declare where he is getting money from for travelling to various places." This is probably the stupidest comment so far from any Union Minister.

Let the minister be assured that Arvind Kejriwal atleast is not robbing from the public or the government unlike the minister. Arvind Kejriwal repeatedly says he is open to any investigation. What more transparency does Salman Khurshid want? Assuming for the sake of argument that Arvind Kejriwal is guilty of siphoning off public money (what a flight of imagination!), even then he has a right and , in the role he has assumed, a duty to expose the robbers aka ministers. 

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