Saturday, October 13, 2012

Salman's slavery

"If he (Mr Kejriwal) had been (sic) just mentioned Robert Vadra, then we would not have replied. But he said Robert Vadra, who is directly related to Sonia Gandhi. So we have to reply on the behalf of Sonia Ji. She is the sole reason of what we are and where we are. The Congress chief is everything for us and we can even die for her."

The sycophant who said so is our Law Minister, Salman Khurshid. We are mistaken if we think his duty is to uphold the Constitution, protect the country against unlawful activities and bring the violators of law to justice. His only raison-d'etre is to protect the non-existing reputation of Sonia Gandhi and her family. Who said there is no slavery in India?

The minister also disgracefully referred to Arvind Kejriwal as "guttersnipe". What an irony! A blatantly immoral thief who has defrauded the nation by submitting forged documents is calling a decent well-wisher of the country a guttersnipe. The President, if he really protects our Constitution, should forthwith dismiss the unlawful minister.

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