Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Judicial inactivism

Politicians claim that judiciary has become excessively activist and keeps trespassing into executive and legislative jurisdictions. How one wishes that this accusation is true!

Actually, judiciary in India is inactive and almost dormant. Digvijay Singh, the curse of Congress, goes on saying that there are evidences of corruption against Vajpayee, Advani and their relatives. But his party or the government will not act on these. Is it not the duty of government and even of politicians (if they are true to their duty) to protect the nation from corruption?

When the judiciary turns a blind eye to this sorry spectacle instead of taking notice of how the nation is being plundered, is it playing an activist role? Our judiciary acts only when it is impossible not to act. Claim by a politician that he has evidence of corruption and yet would keep quiet should be made a cognisable offence. Judiciary ought to become more pro-active.The country is being taken for a ride by the unholy trinity of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

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