Friday, October 12, 2012

Manmohan Singh's innovative methods

Old timers say what cannot be cured must be endured. Manmohan Singh has a novel idea. What cannot be cured (by him) must be redefined and made non-existent.

He has proposed to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act in line with what he calls "international standards" and to punish bribe-givers so that they will not expose corruption. Bribery henceforth will not be accepting money as much as  giving money. Who said Manmohan Singh is not a politician?

Singh bemoans what he calls as "mindless negativity". Exposing instances of corruption is not mindless negativity, but is the only way to atleast partially get over the problem.

Singh has also condemned the use of RTI to 'ridicule' public authorities. Why do public authorities behave in a ridiculable way? Singh's logic is strange and subversive. It is an insult to "mango people" that the prime minister is talking like this. Does he want to prove that ours is verily a banana republic?

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