Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on Jairam Ramesh

The previous post dealt with team dynamics and the counter-productiveness of arrogance. ET dated 25th Feb quotes Jairam Ramesh as saying that the working style of Shyam Saran did not match his style. Inability to cope with a different working style of a colleague is an invitation to sub-optimal results.

Mr.Ramesh has described the prime minister as his only supporter in the cabinet. The minister claims, "At times I feel I am fighting a lonely battle. The odds are so stacked up against anybody saying or doing the right and rational thing". If he feels that he is the only rational thinker in the cabinet, is he not hinting that the prime minister has not chosen his team properly?

Psychologists say that arrogance is very often a mask for feelings of inadequacy.

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