Monday, February 01, 2010

Academic hubris

We had earlier highlighted the lack of responsible behaviour on the part of IIMs in the conduct of entrance exam in the digital mode. The second phase of CAT 2009 involving facility for the wronged candidates is now over.

Listen to what Prof.Satish Deodhar says with unrepentant hubris: "With the conclusion of second phase, it seems that it was a minuscule segment of students who made large noises about the technical glitches." Can one be more insensitive than this?

Contrast the professor's present uppity statement from his obsessive 'empathy' noted in the posting dated 2nd December, 2009. This is transcendental hypocrisy.

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P Shukla said...

Dear sir,
This is so unbecoming of a professor from India's top Institute. It simply smacks of arrogance and unwillingness to accept the mistakes.

P Shukla