Friday, February 12, 2010

Madras High Court

While laying down office as the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, Justice A.P.Shah who was earlier the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court said the work culture in the latter institution is marred by casteism and clashes among members of the Bar.

Casteism continues to afflict TamilNadu state in myriad ways. In this "progressive state", even national institutions like the State Bank of India is torn asunder by existence of lobbies for various castes like Brahmins, Mudaliyars etc. The casteist scourge is so well-entrenched (ill-entrenched?) in the state that elections are normally fought on caste identities.

It is good that Justice Shah has felt it important to express his views on this nagging issue. It is unfortunate that though highly respected in legal circles, he was overlooked by the Supreme Court collegium for elevation to the supreme court. Could it be that he is too objective and fair-minded to dispense justice from the highest court?

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