Friday, February 19, 2010

Climate Change and Team Dynamics

Politics of climate change continues to produce unexpected events. Early this week, Mr.Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) announced his resignation from the UN body and his intention to join KPMG. Later in the week, Mr.Shyam Saran, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister on climate change  broke the news that he is quitting the government.

Last December, the Philippinnes government sacked its chief negotiator on climate change ahead of the Copenhagen summit. Why is climate change causing so many political and administrative changes? It is apparent that we suffer from an inability to take in contrarian views and are too much obsessed with unanimity. This rigidity is very deleterious in the long run. Any successful team needs the benefit of access to divergent views; presence of any boorish bully who has no patience for a differing viewpoint is toxic to progress.

Jairam Ramesh seems to have hijacked the climate change space in India. An articulate IIT-ian characterised by obvious self-confidence / hubris, his potential for leadership is enormous. A touch of humility will ensure that his career does not get derailed.

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