Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunanda's son makes a timely intervention

Shiv Menon, Sunanda's son through an earlier marriage, is contemptuous of those who want unnecessary enquiries into the natural death of his mother. What is the locus standi of Subramanian Swamy to plead for CBI enquiry when the Delhi police has repeatedly proved its efficiency by closing its eyes to what was happening ?

It is a pity that even the Delhi High Court is unable to appreciate the genuineness of Tharoor and Shiv Menon. Following is an interesting excerpt:

"Mehra (the counsel representing the Delhi police) further stated that he found it strange that a son is objecting to a petition seeking a probe into his mother’s death. This observation was seconded by the Bench,
“That is what we thought. A son should be extremely happy that a probe is sought in his mother’s death. It gives him an opportunity to ask why a chargesheet has not been filed.”
The Bench concluded by saying that if in a criminal case, the chargesheet is not filed in 3 years, then it is a serious matter. The Bench further stated that the son should first get himself impleaded in the petition and then they will hear his submissions."
Does the Honourable Bench appreciate Tharoor's anguish? Do they know what is lupus? Tharoor should educate them.


akji said...

The crusader Dr. SS is making Tharoor sleepless. Inspite of having wounds in the neck the Delhi Police concluded the death as by natural cause. The post-mortem report of AIIMS was doctored to suit Tharoor & other reports says she is poisoned. IPL is always murky & also the Pakistan connection of Tharoor

K.R.Srivarahan said...

Tharoor is confident he will sail through. Had it been any other country, the murderer would spend the rest of his life in jail.