Friday, July 14, 2017

Failure of criminal justice system

There is an eternal controversy as to whether the criminal justice system ought to be reformative or retributive. Should criminals be so treated that they reform themselves or should they simply be punished for their offences?

Sasikala has proved the futility of our criminal justice system. Allegedly offering a bribe of Rs. Two crore to prison officials, she is enjoying normal luxurious life in prison. There is neither retribution (punishment) nor possibility of reformation in this case.

It is normally a cause of worry when a criminal goes back to criminal activity after release from prison. Recidivism causes concern. Sasikala has gone one step further. She has resumed her criminal practice of corruption even while in prison as if bribery is her dharma and she shall not desist from it. This is an interesting case of expedited recidivism. 

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