Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Poor Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor has once again confirmed his readiness to cooperate in any police investigation on Sunanda Pushkar's death. He is more anxious than anybody else to know the truth.

As an innocent person, he initially believed that Sunanda died a natural death. So he took care to cremate the body the soonest. He could not get reconciled that Sunanda was no more. This made him develop chest pain and get admitted in AIIMS. He made use of this opportunity to advise the doctors that Sunanda was suffering from lupus and this was possibly the cause of her demise. The inefficient doctors could not diagnose the cause of his imaginary chest pain and they discharged him.

Tharoor had immense faith in the Delhi police that they would not find the reason for Sunanda passing away. He is so wet behind the ears that signs of injuries on her body did not make him suspicious. He perhaps thought these were self-inflicted wounds as she was suffering from 'lupus'. Only Tharoor knows that lupus is much more consequential than what doctors suspect.

As a harried husband, it hurt Tharoor immensely when people started suspecting him. He did his best to mislead the AIIMS and the public. But they never appreciated his unimpeachable integrity and faithfulness to Sunanda. That Sunanda was his third wife made him an experienced faithful.

Tharoor in all his innocence was greatly upset as to what ails this society if it unnecessarily suspects that Sunanda's death was not natural just because autopsy and viscera examination spotted poisonous substances in her body. Only Tharoor knows that there are so many toxins in our body and therefore does it mean that all deaths are unnatural? The common man could not understand the intensity of Tharoor's mourning because the common man is probably married only once and so what does he know about the grief surrounding the separation from third wife?

Acutely aware of the chronic pain resulting from lupus (what else?), Tharoor desired to reduce the suffering of Sunanda by aligning with Mehr Tarar and others. Unfortunately, like everybody else, Sunanda also suspected Tharoor. The crude open fight between the couple that occurred in the flight from Thiruvananthapuram a couple of days before Sunanda's murder (sorry, natural death) was considered as yet another proof of the troubled relations between Sunanda and the innocent Tharoor. Only Tharoor knows that it was only a public show of affection. It is a pity that even Manish Tiwari of the Congress who was in the same flight did not understand Tharoor's child-like innocence.

The Delhi police is highly sophisticated in its thinking. It is aware that there was poison in Sunanda's body. But it wants to know where is the proof that a poison caused her death. This is a very scientific reasoning which the police will appreciate only when the needle of suspicion points towards people like Shashi Tharoor.

Republic TV which is under the illusion that it is the duty of media to unearth truth is prolonging the controversy claiming it has fresh evidence in the case. Does it appreciate how worried Tharoor is about all these false accusations? Out of genuine concern for Sunanda's health, Tharoor made her stay in Leela Palace Hotel because his house was being re-painted and Sunanda might be allergic to paint (remember lupus?) . It is a canard to say that she decided to stay there, away from Tharoor. If there is any doubt, one can check up with Sunanda's mobile. But unfortunately, many messages in the mobile have been erased. You may think that someone deliberately deleted these messages. No, Sunanda herself removed these . Why? Because of lupus.


akji said...

The innocent should be interrogated afresh & put behind bars with the facilities of Madam Sasi

K.R.Srivarahan said...

The innocent is too well-connected for justice to prevail.