Monday, May 08, 2017

Macron as French President

Emmanuel Macron will be the President of France from May 14th. Marine Le Pen has been comprehensively defeated and world markets are feeling relieved.

Macron was a socialist and then an independent before he formed his own party in 2016. He was the Finance and Economy minister for a couple of years. Le Pen is relatively more experienced in politics having been in the party started by her father for a longer time. She is anti-immigration and pro-nationalist. Her anti-Euro views are too outspoken.

Despite France's uneasy relationship with immigrants and violent encounters with terrorists, the voters have balked at voting to power Le Pen known for rabble-rousing speeches against foreigners. This means that EU and Euro will be intact at least for some more time and also that terrorists will not come under extreme pressure.

It is too early to celebrate Macron's success. It remains to be seen whether it is success for France also. Though only 39 years old, Macron has the advantage of being advised by his elderly wife who is 24 years older and is an experienced teacher of literature. Being callow in politics, there is a distinct possibility that he may prove to be France's Arvind Kejriwal. The French may repent that.

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