Thursday, May 04, 2017

Is Justice Karnan all sound and fury?

Justice Karnan and the Supreme Court are obviously on an undesirable collision course. In an uneven trial of strength such as this, the individual cannot but lose. Karnan has made it appear as if this is a casteist issue which is unfortunate. Among other acts, the judge has written to PM and others quoting "corrupt practices" of twenty judges. This is an issue which should have attracted enquiry from the powers that be. Sadly, this has been lost sight of.

The honourable judge has also named a High Court judge who is alleged to have misbehaved with an intern. This again is a serious issue that merits an enquiry. If these allegations are found to be false, action must be taken against Justice Karnan. If the charges are true, the criminal judges need to be dealt with firmly.

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