Monday, May 01, 2017

Justice Karnan

On March 10th, in ' SC versus SC', the following was suggested:

"The Supreme Court is agitated that he had chosen to disobey its orders to appear before the court for causing contempt of court. It will be more appropriate to subject him to psychological examination to know if any deep-rooted anxiety is plaguing him. It is worth introducing psychological tests for would-be judges."

It is better late than never that the Supreme Court has now ordered medical examination of Justice Karnan. Karnan is an exemplary character in the Mahabharata. We may wonder how a person with such a glorious name can behave like this. Sometimes the initials are more suggestive. C.S.Karnan wants to turn the Supreme Court (SC) upside down or to reverse its progress. (I am suggesting this in jest knowing fully well that if I am serious about this, I would need to be medically examined !)

Justice Karnan is capable of creating more entertainment. One is reminded of Mr.B.C.Ganguly , former Chairman of Railway Board, who was throwing a  tantrum because of which he had to be dismissed in 1971. He refused to leave a railway bogie in which he had undertaken a tour. We have waited for 46 years for the next part of entertainment from a non-political authority. What is worrying however is that we do not know whether Justice Karnan is an aberration or simply representative of present judiciary. While hoping that it is the former, the Supreme Court and the Collegium owe it to the Constitution that it does not become the latter.

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