Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump - Modi conversation

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi had a fruitful telephonic conversation for 30 minutes between 1800 hours and 1803 hours (IST). During the conversation Trump spoke for 45 minutes.

NM: Trumpji, thanks for calling me. Am I the first leader you are calling after you became POTUS?

T: Yea, I told Nawaz Sharif also the same. I do not change my statement, you know.

NM: We are willing to promote our mutual cooperation. You want more IT professionals from us?

T: I am delighted by your policies. 'Make in India' - fantastic. Please help your professionals make more in India. Don't send them here. Your demonetisation - absolutely fantastic. Demonetise all rupee currency notes and have $ instead. I like your Hideutvaa policy very much.

NM: What? Are you referring to Hindutva?

T: Yea, Hideutvaa. You are successfully hiding people's suffering as sacrifice (yagna)! When you want to hide real issues, you are able to whip up patriotism. I am learning from you. Fantastic! I am sending Barron Trump as our ambassador to your great nation. Please show him Taj Mahal and other tourist spots.

NM: What? Barron Trump as your ambassador in India? He is only 10 years old.

T: Doesn't matter. India is a great country and you are a fantastic leader.

NM: Are you really serious? (NM suddenly remembers Robert Vadra)

T: Yea, I will come up with even more serious proposals to strengthen our relationship. Nawaz Sharif is a fantastic guy.

When Modiji wanted to discuss other issues, Trump hung up.

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