Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ignorance and Superior Ignorance

Every new discovery happens to be a humbling experience. Physiologists and anatomists have now discovered that 'mesentery' which connects the abdomen to intestines is integral and not a mishmash and therefore qualifies as a human organ. Gray's 'Anatomy', the Bible for anatomists, has thus been revised to note there are 79 organs in the human body.

Some critics speculate that doctors, particularly gastroenterologists, have so far been treating digestive disorders without having a comprehensive knowledge of the organs and processes involved. (This is not to suggest that other doctors are doing a better job.) It is hoped that with a better appreciation of mesentery, we are in for better diagnosis and treatment.

As our knowledge widens, appreciation of our ignorance deepens. The laity is aware of its ignorance. The professionals are deluded by their superior ignorance and hence are  unable to comprehend their own unawareness.

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