Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Trump stages a comeback

Donald Trump is not a sure loser anymore. He may even win though it continues to be unlikely. What was considered impossible has now become only improbable. Hillary Clinton must be worried. She deserves to be.

Media and Markets are overwhelmingly against Trump. The former do not want their prediction to go wrong. The latter do not want to face the uncertainty of a new ideological face at the White House. There is near unanimity among the voters that whoever wins, the loser is the American voter.

In the unlikely event of neither candidate winning 270 electoral votes (because there are two independent candidates also in the fray), the electoral process may be repeated offering an opportunity to wash more dirty linen in public. It is also possible that voters may utilise the additional time to come to a better decision.

Global allergy towards Trump is misplaced given that the alternative is equally or more corrupt and immoral. Bill Clinton in the last one year of his presidency is said to have exhibited bizarre behaviour. Hillary Clinton may do it sooner. Americans do not deserve this fate. ISIS should be happy.

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