Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Brexit plus, plus

Donald Trump has achieved an unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th POTUS. This proves the media predictions totally wrong and is a jolt to stock markets.

How did this come about? Media's constant belligerence towards him has earned him public sympathy. People are vexed with political culture and have voted for a rank outsider. Paranoia among workers is very strong and they have caused what Trump calls a Brexit plus, plus.

Trump as President is likely to be different from the cantankerous candidate that he has been. Republican majority in both Houses will make it unnecessary for him to be bellicose. His deputy, Mike Pence is said to be a seasoned politician and therefore there may not be too many faux pas. Given Trump's freakish behaviour, it is also possible that he may voluntarily step down after a couple of years and enable Pence to be President.

His election was unpredictable. His possible contribution as President as of now may also be unpredictable. It is unlikely though that he will fare worse than his predecessors.

Added on November 10th: It is noteworthy that markets recovered fast after a brief crash. People have realised that President Trump is a different animal from candidate Trump. Competition sometimes vulgarises and degenerates a person whereas a position of authority may ennoble a person. Power may corrupt, but it may also elevate one. 'Crooked Hillary' must be feeling terribly let down. Domestic differences with Bill Clinton are likely to manifest.

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