Saturday, November 05, 2016

Pathetic Ratan Tata

Santanu Chowdhury says in The Wall Street Journal: Our comments are in red:                                          

In his second letter emailed to the around 600,000 employees at India’s largest conglomerate following the news of Mr. Cyrus’s departure, Mr. Tata said “this difficult decision, made after careful and thoughtful deliberation, is one the board believes was absolutely necessary for the future success of the Tata Group.”
This is an admission that the past performance was not adversely affected by Cyrus Mistry. Future is anybody's guess. It is easy to demonise anyone by quoting future possibilities. Ratan Tata has taken on an astrologer's role. Pathetic!
“As a group, we are steadfast in our resolve to maintain the Tata culture and value system that all of us have worked so hard to nurture over the decades,” Mr. Tata’s letter said. What is this cliched term 'Tata culture'? Does it include sacking a person sans objective reasons? Does it only mean subservience to Ratan Tata?The focus has to be on ‘leading’ rather than ‘following’,” he said. And only Ratan Tata can lead?
In the letter, Mr. Tata said he was excited by the opportunity to “maintain stability and continuity of leadership,” while also “looking forward with equal excitement to the finalization by the selection committee of a world-class leader to be the new chairman of the group.” Stability of leadership and whimsical dismissal of Chairman do not go together.

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