Sunday, September 04, 2016


Mother Teresa has been canonised; she was earlier awarded Bharat Ratna and Nobel Peace prize.

Despite her greatness, she was not spared by critics. Since criticism emanated from noted writers like Germaine Greer and Christopher Hitchens it gained easy currency.

Germaine Greer, a feminist of influence, was offended by Mother Teresa's unstinted opposition to abortion. Hitchens influenced by atheists like Richard Dawkins was put off by her religiosity.

Criticism was mainly about lack of modern medical facilities for the poor who were looked after by Mother Teresa and her receiving the best medical attention. This criticism was illogical because no individual however noble can afford to extend costly medical treatment to the multitude of the poor who were neglected by others before the merciful lady took them in her fold. It may be good rhetoric to argue that she loved poverty and not the poor, but it is bad reasoning.

We should be thankful that she accepted medical treatment for herself because it lengthened her life which benefited thousands of the poor and the uncared. Her aversion to abortion was a religious tenet.

To say that Mother Teresa was a fanatical fundamentalist fraud (Hitchens said so) is nothing short of a canard.

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