Wednesday, September 28, 2016

India's Pak policy

It is odd that India expects the world to declare its neighbour a terrorist state without itself doing so officially. It is equally strange that we want the world to impose economic sanctions against Pakistan while we continue to offer it MFN status.

Foreign policy needs to be logical and firm. Flipflops do not make a policy. Every nation in the world barring India ensures that its policy is first protective of its own interest. Any other dominant priority is misplaced.

The U S despite knowing that Pakistan is the most prolific generator of terror treats it with kid gloves. This is because the U S has to depend on Pakistan on some issues. Pakistan was protecting Osama Bin Laden and yet the U S was not willing to call Pakistan a terrorist country. Russia welcomes joint defence exercises with Pakistan for its own strategic benefit.

Since we are most vitally affected by cross-border terrorism, we have to defend ourselves muscularly. The world respects that nation which proves it is capable of defending its own interests. Let us not expect anything else from the world and get disappointed.

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