Thursday, September 15, 2016

Entitled politicians

One former Finance Minister's wife and son were summoned by investigative agencies to obtain details about some alleged criminality. Both of them have refused to visit the investigators' office and are quoting laws as to why they cannot be summoned. The lady says that being one, she can be questioned only in her house. The son says that unless he is told the subject of investigation, he will not appear.

These arguments may be technically correct. But, do they try to ensure that others are also provided similar rights? The New Indian Express has published a series of articles referring to the alleged misdemeanours of the peripatetic son.

The present government makes noise about the scams of earlier government whenever it suits them, but does not take effective steps for prosecution and punishment. It is difficult not to entertain the thought that BJP and the Congress have an implicit understanding to keep barking and avoid biting. This is not in national interest.

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