Sunday, September 13, 2015

Winds of change in the British Labour Party

It was widely predicted that Jeremy Corbyn will be elected the leader of the British Labour Party. The prediction has come true. Change in leadership arose because of resignation of the previous leader, Ed Miliband who took moral responsibility for humiliating defeat of his party in the recent general elections when the Conservative Party was voted back to power on its own.

Jeremy Corbyn is the betenoire of Tony Blair. Blair made the surprising statement that anyone whose heart favoured Corbyn needed a heart transplant. A very shocking statement, but one can expect this from an extremely articulate person like Tony Blair whose tongue works faster than his mind. Blair's New Labour has been silenced for the present.

How effective will Jeremy Corbyn be? He is 66 years old whereas the person he replaces, Ed Miliband, is only 46. Corbyn is known to be an Euro-sceptic and a NATO opponent. Though he has won leadership of the party by a substantial majority, his charisma to win votes for the party remains untested. Anyway, general elections are due in 2020 only and anything can happen between now and then.

His views on economy and admiration for Marx are apparently anachronistic. Issues, economic and non-economic,  that trouble Britain and other countries cannot be addressed by a uni-dimensional Socialist mind. The Labour Party is unwittingly pitching itself into a losing experiment.

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