Sunday, September 06, 2015


Indian government has three crucial tasks on hand. These can be suggestively referred as OROP, DROP and  CROP. These respectively are a) obligation to honour commitments, b) readiness to meet technological challenges and c) readiness to address threats brought on by nature.

Like One Rank, One Pension , NDA / BJP made a number of promises during their journey towards power. These are not easily forgotten by electors. Ensuring punishment for the corrupt and unearthing black money are two of the most vital commitments over which the government has so far been tardy as tortoise. Having painted the Congress party as a den of corruption, the present government is duty-bound to prove its accusations judicially. Any slackness will only mean that the present government is complicit in the corruption culture.

Call drops have become an issue that affects every mobile user which means almost every Indian. The government that aims at digitalisation of India cannot afford to be indifferent to this apparent technological problem. It is no doubt difficult to tackle the twin challenges of  creation of additional  tower capacity and real or exaggerated impact of radiation at the same time. The government cannot simply blame others for these problems. The buck stops with the government.

Deficient monsoon is likely to create a calamitous challenge on the CROP front unless the government is prepared to deal firmly with hoarders and black marketers. It is easy to blame the state governments for probable scarcity of foodgrains and price rise. It is incumbent on Modi and his team to demonstrate that theirs is a government that works.

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