Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ban on sale of meat: Supreme Court's illogic

Few issues can polarise society like food. It is no wonder that tempers are running high on imposition of ban on sale of meat by various governments during festival times.

Most Jains are strict vegetarians. Non-violence to non-human beings is an article of faith with them. Paryushana lasting eight days is a sacred period for them when they aim at total observance of religious principles. In line with this, Mumbai has been observing absence of trade in meat for four days all these years. This year, the government notification has become a major issue.

The Bombay High Court stayed the government ban. Jains appealed to the Supreme Court to lift the stay. The Jains pleaded for compassion to animals atleast for some days. Supreme Court's reaction was as usual funny.

"Declining to entertain an appeal by a Jain organisation, the bench emphasised that the compassion for living creatures doesn’t have to be only on a few days but it should be for the entire year "

If compassion has to prevail throughout the year, the Supreme Court must have insisted that the ban should be made permanent! 

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