Monday, August 24, 2015

Sundar Pichai jokes

Copied from the Net:

Since the current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, who is a Tamil Brahmin, there have been so many jokes made, related to it! Here are some Tambrahm jokes. If Google was a Tambrahm scenarios:

Search: Starbucks locations around me
Google: Ask Amma to make you filter kaapi

Search: Today's news
Google: Ean da? Unga Atthula The 
Hindu paper varaliya inikki?

Search: 'Mission Impossible' show timings in city
Google: Periya Tom Cruise fan a da ni? Poi Padi da!��
Search: Hair cutting salons near me
Google: Today is Friday/ Tuesday, go tomorrow!

Search: Hindu baby names 
Google: If it's a boy, Thatha peru, girl Paatti peru.

Search: How to travel the world in ten lakhs 
Google: World travel'a? Shut up! Put 5 lakhs in fixed deposit & with remaining 5 lakhs, buy gold!

Search: Career options 
Google: Engineering + MS, Engineering + MBA or CA

Search: Holiday destination 
Google: Kovil

Search: Healthy food
Google: Thayir Saadham

Search: Recipe for chicken 65
Google: Error 404, not found

Search: What's special in December?
Google: Katcheris & Kovil Prasadam

Search: Swear words
Google: Abhistoo, Shaniyan, Kadangaara

Search: Restaurants
Google: ' Did you have your shower or no?'

Search: Honeymoon ideas
Google: Suprabhatham at Tirupati

Search: Lyrics for latest film song
Google: Song lyrics- a? Modalla idhu kathukko, " 
Vishwam Vishnur Vrashatkaro" ( Vishnu Sahasranamam) ��
Search: Groom
Google: Did you mean groom with M.S. & employed in USA?

Search: Best wedding destinations in the world 
Google: Keep calm, it's Aadi Maasam now.

If Google was a Tambrahm:

-The logo would have a panchangam & refuse to work during Rahukaalam & Yamagandam!

- The OO's in Google would be replaced by Vadu Maangas in their logo
-  The number of results will always be multiples of 108
-  Neighbor's son's & daughter's Maths & Science scores will be visible on the home page
- Android's new releases will be named Paalpayasam, Kozhukattai, Parupputhengai, Jaangiri, etc.

- Google 's voice will be a Maami's voice
You get the point ������


Punch line of the day !!
Even the Cash-Rich Google has to take 'Pichai' from India.

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