Monday, August 03, 2015

Speaker's role

Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan suspended 25 Congress members on 3rd August for five consecutive sittings for persistently and wilfully obstructing the House. It is the Speaker's responsibility to ensure that the House functions in a conducive atmosphere and therefore whoever obstructs the proceedings need to be shown the door.

If anything, the Speaker had delayed her action inordinately. The House has not functioned for a week because of the melee caused by Congress. The Speaker has erred by suspending only the foot soldiers while the abjectly misleading leader, Sonia Gandhi has not been evicted.

This is not a confrontation between one party and another. It is an issue of allowing an important wing of democracy, the legislature, to function. The Speaker has at last woken up to her responsibility and done what she is supposed to do. Better late than never.

Chairman of the Rajya Sabha also should exercise his lawful authority and evict the disruptionists. It is not a question of which party is in power and which is in opposition. Citizens of the country expect their representatives in the Parliament to do their work and their work is certainly not to disrupt the Houses.

It is shocking that The Hindu claims that the Speaker's action is abdication of responsibility. If taking lawful action against unruly elements amounts to abdication of responsibility, we should all abdicate our responsibility.

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