Friday, August 01, 2014

"Venomous" and "obsessively suspicious" Sonia Gandhi

Natwar Singh has characterised Sonia Gandhi as venomous and obsessively suspicious. In normal circumstances, 'one life is not enough'. But anyone associated with Sonia Gandhi is bound to feel that one life is more than enough. If in doubt, ask Manmohan Singh.

It is not entirely her fault that Sonia Gandhi is what she is. Undue obsequiousness of Congress leaders demeaned the party. Natwar Singh was not an exception as long as he was in the GOP. Almost all Congress leaders feathered their respective nests while continuing to pay obeisance to Her Royal Highness as an insurance to procure impunity from accountability. 

Natwar Singh asserts that Rahul's vehement resistance was responsible for Sonia Gandhi's reluctance to become the prime minister in 2004. At that time, she had claimed that she was going by her 'inner voice'. Sonia could easily have said that her inner voice supported Rahul's opinion and that her conscience was the deciding factor. But this did not occur to her because of her lifelong duplicity.

Rahul Gandhi has not yet responded to Natwar Singh's assertion. We do not know if he is now in India at all. According to Natwar Singh, Priyanka mentioned Rahul Gandhi's minatory request to his mother to stay away from prime ministership in the presence of Sonia, Manmohan, Natwar Singh and Suman Dubey. Therefore, this information obviously cannot be wrong. In the year 2004, Sonia Gandhi took the country for a ride with her histrionic and mendacious 'sacrifice'. We were as gullible as anyone could be.

Sonia Gandhi has promised to write her autobiography. Which ghost writer would oblige her in the changed circumstances? In an uncharacteristic manner, Sonia Gandhi has got openly provoked by the submission of her erstwhile confidante. Hopefully, at least now the Congress leaders would show her her place. The party and the country have suffered enough.

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