Saturday, August 09, 2014

Daughter on Manmohan Singh

"Strictly Personal" is the biography of Mr. and Mrs. Manmohan Singh written by their daughter, Daman Singh. It is but natural that the book is full of unadulterated filial compliment to the former prime minister. In an interview with The Hindu, the biographer has said,

"Basically, my father started his career as a lecturer in Punjab University. He’s never applied for any job ever since, the offers just came to him. That’s how he went to the UN, to Delhi School of Economics, to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Planning Commission, RBI etc etc etc. That’s how he became finance minister. That’s how he became prime minister. So, I suppose his work sort of spoke for itself."

It is not surprising that there is no reference to her father becoming Chairman of University Grants Commission through a subterfuge. As is well known and as vouchsafed by Arun Shourie and others, Manmohan Singh in a way appointed himself to head the UGC. When Chandrasekhar had already become a care-taker prime minister, Singh placed a pre-dated note to him for approving Singh's appointment as the chief of UGC. Obviously Manmohan Singh knows how to protect his personal interests. It became clear later on when he allowed his ministers to run amuck that he cared little for the nation.

Yes, Manmohan Singh is perhaps better than many other politicians. He is however not a saint. 

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