Sunday, August 17, 2014

Are we Constitutionally secular and socialist?

When our Constitution was enacted, we were only a sovereign democratic republic. The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution made us 'socialist, secular'. This Amendment was initiated by Indira Gandhi for political, ulterior motives. Indira Gandhi's and her successive governments brought in many regressive steps in the name of socialism and secularism. There is a need to revisit this gross mistake.

According to Wikipedia, Hormasji Maneckji Seervai, a jurist and an eminent authority on the Constitution, severely criticized this amendment stating that the newly inserted words are "ambiguous" and "should not have been inserted in the Preamble without a reason"

Amendment to the original preamble is an extreme measure that is supposed to happen only when the system of government changes and not because it serves the narrow interests of a political party. The preamble of the Constitution as originally expressed must be reinstated. 

Socialism and secularism are defined and also manifested in different ways. Therefore, they cannot qualify a Republic. We have to unravel all government institutions that seek to promote either of these two ill-defined concepts. Proposed abolition of the Planning Commission is, therefore long overdue.

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