Friday, June 13, 2014

Infosys: Outsider at the helm

Infosys has a new CEO. Vishal Sikka, 47, a former board member of SAP AG, has the onerous responsibility of restoring the image and business of Infosys.

CEOs can be from the promoters, company employees or outsiders. After experimenting with the promoters so far, the company is now gambling on an outsider. Sikka's domain credentials are robust. For a CEO, emotional intelligence is as important as domain expertise. Would the new CEO fare well on the emotional parameter also?

Sikka says that N R Narayana Murthy posed a math puzzle to him and the latter was delighted by the prompt solution proffered by Sikka. One hopes this is not the only criterion for selection.

Murthy is moving out of the company. His emeritus chairmanship, according to him, is only a sinecure arising from company's gratitude for his past services. His son also moves out.

The share price has moved favourably. Is this a response to Sikka's entry or Murthy's exit?

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