Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rahul Gandhi's interview

It is welcome that Rahul Gandhi has finally been interviewed for his views on a variety of issues. Being grilled by Arnab Goswami for more than an hour is neither pleasant nor easy. RaGa withstood the ordeal quite creditably. He did not lose his cool.

Gandhi's performance far exceeded what was expected of him. He has so far evoked only low expectations from the public. This was now obviously to his advantage. However, as a person who is a potential prime minister, he came out poorly.

Time and again, irrespective of what the question was, he delivered his nostrum: "Rahul Gandhi is against the present system where power is concentrated in a few hands. RG seeks to go to the core of the problem. RG is not interested in superficial issues. He is not attracted by power -----" Someone must have advised him not to appear egoistic by using 'I' many times. Is that why he kept saying 'Rahul Gandhi' again and again?

He referred to his notes on a few occasions even while talking about his objectives. There was evidently someone around who was not shown in the telecast and to whom Gandhi signalled a couple of times facially indicating how he had perhaps cornered Goswami !

On the whole, it was pretty entertaining.

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Prasad Kumar said...

Well, Rahul Gandhi interview was pretty hilarious and yeah, entertaining, but those jokes and memes netizens and our fellow bloggers created for him was even funnier can't help but to laugh out loud.