Thursday, January 02, 2014

N.Ram's advice to AAP

Recently N.Ram advised the Aam Aadmi Party members to speak less so that they can concentrate on work. This is a very sane advice.

Arvind Kejriwal has started redefining aam aadmi and has posited the existence of God conditional on his victory. He has made the following statements in the Delhi assembly today (2nd Jan.):

"Giving a definition of who is an aam aadmi, he said that it was one who wanted to live honestly and by truth whether he is rich or poor.

Fourth and Eighth of December, a miracle happened. I was an atheist but now I realise there is God. People of Delhi proved truth can’t be defeated,” he said."

So 'aam aadmi' has become a flexible term. If you are with me, you are a common man irrespective of your wealth. If you are against me, even if you are poor, I will call you as dishonest and thereby preclude you from aam aadmi group. Very convenient.

If I win, I will accept the existence of God (as if I am doing Him a favour). Else He ceases to be. How logical!

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