Thursday, January 30, 2014

Division of Tamilnadu

News about sibling rivalry is the rage in Tamilnadu now. Differences between Alagiri and Stalin is threatening to cut DMK asunder. Nothing is more toxic to self-respect of Tamils than a split in Kalaignar's family.

The problem is not intractable. In fact, the solution is very simple. Why don't we divide the state into North Tamilnadu and South Tamilnadu? Stalin will rule the former and Anja Nenjan the latter. Where there is a will, there is a way.

This remedy will not cause any loss to the state. So, Manmohan Singh will readily agree. (On second thought, I am not so sure. Is it a fact that the prime minister will agree to any move only if there is at least some notional loss?)

If Karunanidhi assures poll alliance with Congress, he will be awarded Bharat Ratna and family peace.

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Anonymous said...

First we will have to create a Kanimozhi Union Territory! Then we will have Vanniyar Nadu, Nadar Nadu, Gownder Nadu etc., We already have Chetti Nadu. We will have more Tamil CMs who are ready to be Prime Ministers. MMS may not like that competition to his favored candidate!