Monday, December 16, 2013

Ganguli and Ganguly

In the late sixties and early seventies there was a Chairman of Railway Board, B.C.Ganguli by name. He was supposedly very upright and therefore had every reason to offend the then prime minister, Indira Gandhi. Not one to put up with uprightness that easily, she showed him the door. But he refused to accept sacking orders and stayed confined to his compartment in the train he was travelling. The compartment was detached and the drama went on for a couple of days. Political tendency to punish honest bureaucrats had its origin during Indira Gandhi's prime ministership.

Now we have Justice A.K.Ganguly who refuses to resign from chairmanship of West Bengal Human Rights Commission despite allegations of sexual harassment against him. Ganguly was considered a honest judge. But honesty in one's profession does not entitle one to harass another. (This is not to suggest that Ganguly was guilty.)

What is in a name, Ganguli or Ganguly?

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