Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal : A dog in the manger?

Aam Aadmi party has done exceptionally well in Delhi. Kejriwal's triumph over Sheila Dikshit in New Delhi constituency was the icing on the cake for AAP.

Kejriwal's post-election attitude does not enhance his reputation. He has decided that AAP will not support either the BJP or the Congress to form the ministry. AAP has every right to decide so. But he has gone further and decided that AAP will not accept support from any party to form the government either. This "neither they nor us" policy leads only to re-election. There is no guarantee that the re-election would produce majority for any party. Further, elections are costly affairs.

Citizens of Delhi have a right to expect Arvind Kejriwal to become chief-minister and start delivering on his party's promises. If Kejriwal reneges on this and imposes re-elections, he will be seen as derelict. If he sincerely takes up responsibility as chief-minister and performs in line with his assurances, any attempts to destabilise his government will surely be rebuffed by citizens.

If three party contests become the norm, this situation of 'hung legislature' will become more common. In order to avoid political instability, we may have to amend the law regarding votes of confidence in the legislature. The party in government may not be required to obtain support from more legislators than it had won in the elections. Such a provision may make life easier for the likes of Kejriwal and will be conducive to political stability.

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