Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Aam Aadhmi Party comes of age

There is a saying that a couple understands themselves better after their first fight and not after their first night. When rifts arise, awareness of ground realities expands.

It is good that AAP has formed the government in Delhi. Appointment of ministers has caused the first rift in the party after its success in elections. Of course, Arvind Kejriwal has denied the existence of any rift. This proves that Kejriwal is maturing as a politician since one of the requirements for success in Indian politics is the readiness to deny the obvious and the ability to concoct the absent.

Vinod Kumar Binny left the AAP meeting in a huff and this was interpreted as his disappointment over his non-selection as a minister. He also assured the media that he would later hold a media conference and divulge details about functioning of the party. Kejriwal wants us to believe that Binny met him only to request him not to consider him for any ministership. Great!

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