Saturday, January 05, 2013

Most and Least stressful jobs

CareerCast is a California-based internet's premier career site for finding targeted job opportunities by industry, function and location. Periodically they list out most stressful and least stressful jobs.

According to the latest list issued in the beginning of the new year, the most stressful jobs in descending order are 1)Enlisted military personnel, 2)Military General, 3)Fire fighter, 4)commercial airline pilot, 5)PR Executive, 6)senior corporate executive, 7)photojournalist, 8)newspaper reporter, 9)taxi driver and 10)police officer.

The least stressful jobs are 1)university professor, 2)tailor, 3)medical records technician, 4)jeweller, 5)medical laboratory technician, 6)audiologist, 7)dietitian, 8)hairstylist, 9)librarian, 10)drill press operator.

It is tempting to prepare a similar list more relevant for India with a small twist. Instead of 'stressful jobs', we may list out what jobs/professions create most stress for others. Politicians, autorickshaw drivers and police are sure to rank on top.

It is a bit surprising that doctors do not figure among the most stressful jobs.

In the Indian context, we may enunciate a Law of Constancy of Stress. "Stress created by any job is a constant. Stress is either absorbed by the job-performer or released to others." Politicians and police release all their stress to other citizens. Hence, they don't take in any stress!

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