Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Government's Vishwaroopam

The word 'Vishwaroopam' literally means 'form of the world'. It also signifies what an entity exhibits in its totality. Thus when Krishna showed His Vishwaroopam to Arjuna in the midst of Bagawad Gita conversation, the latter was awe-struck to witness the entire universe. The idea conveyed was that everything is divine.

In banning the release of the film "Vishwaroopam", the Tamilnadu government has exposed its own vishwaroopam. It has revealed its meanness, disregard for law, vengefulness, perversity and propensity to appease fringe elements for electoral benefit. The state government has unconvincingly attributed its patently unlawful decision to law and order implications. Everyone knows this is a red-herring.

Manish Tewari, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, gratuitously suggested to the state government that it should not act against the spirit of supreme court judgements. This sane plea expectedly fell on deaf ears. 'Vinaasa kaale vibhareedha buddhi.'

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