Sunday, January 27, 2013

Festival of controversies

The Jaipur LitFest has become a ConFest (Controversy Festival). Kirorilal Meena threatens women participants that if they drink at the festival, he would beat them up himself! He is an M.P. Who else can talk like this?

Ashis Nandy, author cum sociologist, argues that most corrupt people are from OBC, SC and ST. He has subsequently clarified but not denied the statement. Has he done any statistical analysis? He has not clarified. Apparently this is only a gross generalisation based perhaps on perception. Narendra Modi, easily the least corrupt chief minister on date, belongs to OBC.

There are strident calls for Nandy's arrest. Rather, he should be asked to prove his controversial statement. In case he stumbles, he should be named and shamed. If facts and figures are on his side, a deeper sociological study would be welcome.



most of the persons caught for corruption are from obcs,sc,and ST nandy has clarified. this is because the higher castes get away with sophisticated forms of corruption.


K.R.Srivarahan said...

Mr.Nandy is adopting ingenious sophistry.He is now claiming that what he meant was that 'Dalit corruption' was a reaction to the corrupt practices of others and thus corruption is essentially an equaliser.If this is what he really meant, he could have been more transparent in his original observation.His further argument that OBCs, STs and SCs have not been allowed to come to positions of power in W.Bengal and therefore that state "appears" to be free from corruption is over the top.