Monday, November 19, 2012

Robert Vadra and Coal Block Auction

Coal Secretary is needlessly worried that coal blocks meant for auction have not received environmental clearances. He seems to be a babe in the woods. The situation suits Robert Vadra to a T. All that needs to be done is to sell the coal blocks to Rober Vadra. Out of patriotic instincts he will purchase the blocks so that government's fiscal deficit will ease.

Once the blocks are allotted to RV, green clearances will follow like night following day. RV will purchase at Rs.X and sell the same block after obtaining the green clearance at Rs.15X. Why not? He is an astute businessman. Just because he is someone's son-in-law, can we deny him his fundamental right to fleece the exchequer?

Which minister will refuse to give clearances for the sake of nation's son-in-law?

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