Friday, November 16, 2012

"Future of India"

Haddows Road in Nungambakkam, Chennai is inundated with hoardings, banners and posters in praise of "King-maker", "Country's Breeze" (whatever it may mean), "Sivaganga's Simham", "Future of India" (God forbid), "Our Political Guru", etc. All these are in praise of, who else, Karthi P.Chidambaram, son of our Finance Minister. The occasion is celebration of his birth day on 16th November. Why this ostentation and why this sycophancy?

Needless to say, Jawaharlal Nehru whose birth day was on 14th November was all but forgotten save a few stray articles in some newspapers. Nehru never believed in developing a personality cult because he was impressive on his own as a thinker and a responsible patriotic citizen. The present generation of leaders and sub-leaders lack such desirable qualities and look for obsequious followers.

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